Scout Finch- the Narrator

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, Discrimination Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: December 3, 2012
One of the most widely read novels in the past fifty years is To Kill a Mockingbird, which was written by Harper Lee in 1960 (Bernard 8). The story is about Atticus Finch’s defense of a wrongly accused black man while the story is told through the perspective of his daughter Jean Louise Finch, called Scout, and about her life as she grows up in a close together but racist community (Bloom 11). Since it is told through a young girl’s perspective, it is a story about a trial, yet also a childhood and growing up involving games and first days of school (Bernard 9). Scout keeps her charm as a “classic American tomboy” throughout the novel even if some of her elders disapprove of it (Bloom “Introduction”, par. 2). Harold Bloom described her as “Harper Lee’s book, being not only the narrator but much of its most interesting consciousness” (par. 2). As Scout becomes more mature, she has to come to new understandings of prejudice in a small community in the south, the natures of good and evil, and about compassion, hatred, and justice (Bernard 9).

Scout Finch is a protagonist in the novel while also the narrator, yet the story is told from adult Jean Louise’s viewpoint. Over the course of the novel, Scout ages from six to eight years old. Since she is young and innocent, she is able to report on the more complicated events with honesty and objectiveness (Bernard 64). Her style of narration is digressive and anecdotal which helps to build a full picture of the lives of the residents in Maycomb County (Bloom 12). Scout is better off then most of the kids in the location and time that she lives with money and the ability to read and write even before she went to school (Bernard 65). Scout is basically one hundred percent tomboy with everything she does from climbing trees to fighting and what she wears which is overalls (Bernard 65). Atticus tries to get Scout to discuss instead of fight, which is difficult for her since she is hotheaded (Bloom 14). When Scout sees...
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