Scout Finch

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Great Depression, Harper Lee Pages: 3 (1257 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Scout Finch
2) Scout is a young and reckless tomboy confused about adulthood. Her curiosity gets her in trouble. She is a good person, most of the time, but is passive-aggressive and always willing to fight for what's right. She stands firm in what she believes in. Sometimes her harsh actions teach her new things about herself and others. Such as when she punched Walter Cunningham and Jem invited him to dinner. She learned some people in Maycomb, especially at this time, have lots of troubles and need all the mercy and kindness there is. 3) Scout is growing up during the Great Depression with lots of racism occurring around her. She isn't sure what the toll of the Great Depression is exactly, but she understands it's hard. She doesn't know how to react to racism early in the story, but her wise father, Atticus, supports the Black's rights and she decides this is wise, but learns it has its consequences, sadly. Jem also is uneasy about his environment, but he's more mature and figures things out. Unlike Scout, he understands the Depression and the tolls it takes on people. Scout doesn't know how to relate the Depression to people doing anything for money. 4) All Scout Finch truly wants is to understand adults and mature things. She wants to know more about Atticus's work and have knowledge about the happenings in her surroundings. Scout wishes to be treated like an adult and have freedom to be herself. 5) Scout is a typical nine-year-old. She manipulates people to get her way by twisting their words, lying, begging. However, she also has an aggressive, tom-boy side. When someone gets her in trouble or makes her angry or doesn't give her what she wants, she lashes out. 6) Harper Lee created Scout Finch. Scout grows up during the Great Depression, a hard time full of racism. Scout teaches people to be themselves and stand up for what's right and what they love. Scout is a tom-boy although it is frowned upon, and she stands up for Atticus and his case for a black...
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