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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Megan Paradise
Professor Lee
Response to Black Power Mixtape

Response to Black Power Mixtape
I can honestly say that going into the clip of the film we watched, I knew next to nothing about the Black Panther Party, or any other type of advocacy for the movement, other then Martin Luther King Jr. What I did know what the typical story told to us in school. Dr. King was a peaceful man, the good guy, and Malcolm X and The Black Panther Party were the radicals, the bad guys. After watching the film it was definitely easier for me to for my own opinion.

I can’t imagine being treaded so unfairly by my own country, but I can imagine how angry it would make me. I can in a way identify with the more radical approaches to the civil rights movement. Being traded as if you don’t matter is and incredible infuriating thought, that would surely make one want to lash out. But I was surprised to learn that there was much more to the Party then that. I had absolutely no idea that they provided the poor with free meals, and weren’t all about the violence that I was taught in school. Things aren’t always what they seem, and you should never just accept what your told. I really enjoyed the editing. As a film major, I’m studying different techniques and was very impressed with the style. It is something I haven’t seen before. I really liked how there were multiple narrators that were only heard, and never seen. Having the persons name on the screen was also a huge plus, as the audience knew who was speaking, and could more easily identify, and become interested in what was being said. In other documentaries I’ve seen, there is usually commentary going on periodically throughout the film. Sometimes, those experiencing an actual event, such as in the film Supersize Me, display the topic of the documentary. I very much enjoy the traditional format of a documentary, however, I felt that the format of Black Power Mixtape was tremendously powerful. I found that it...
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