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  • Published : August 29, 2012
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Course Outline - Supply Chain Management

PGDM Batch 17/EXPGDM Batch 4 Year - 2011-13

Module I: Introduction
Introduction to Supply Chain – understanding the Fundamentals , Evolution, Objectives of a supply Chain, Process View of a Supply Chain, Value Chain.

Module 2: Supply Chain Performance
Supply Chain Performance – Achieving Strategic fit and scope, Supply chain drivers and obstacles, important elements of supply chain, metrics.

Module 3: Supply Chain Network
Designing Supply Chain Network – Role of supply chain network and factors influencing supply chain network, Network models.

Module 4: Transportation and logistics in Supply Chain
Transportation and logistics in supply chain, sourcing decisions in supply chain, E-procurement, IT in supply chain – e-business and supply chain, supply chain coordination -Bull whip effect – CPFR, Inco terms.

Module 5: Current Trends in Supply Chain
Green Supply Chain, Cold Chain, Reverse Supply Chain, Agile Supply Chain, Outsourcing Supply chain functions.

Suggested Readings:

|No |Name of the Book |Author(s) |Year/Edition | |1 |Supply Chain Management-strategy, Planning and |Sunil Chopra Peter Meindl – |Pearson Education, 4th Edition, 2010. | | |operation |D.V.Kalra | | |2 |Principles of Supply Chain Management- a balanced|Joel D.Wisner-G.Keong Leong-Keah |Cengage Learning, 2005 | | |approach |Choon Tan | | |3. |Designing & managing the supply chain |David Simci-Levi, Philip |3rd Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2008. | | |–Concepts-strategies and case studies...
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