Scientifc Method Lab 1

Topics: Hypothesis, Scientific method, Water Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Lab 1- The scientific method
In this lab I am learning about the steps of the scientific method and how it can be applied to daily life. In my first exercise I analyzed data presented to me in a table (table 2) on fish population in relation to the amount of dissolved oxygen ( ppm ) in the water. The patterns indicate that when more dissolved oxygen (ppm) is present in the water, the number of fish observed increases. In developing a hypothesis for this theory, I have decided that if the amount of dissolved oxygen (ppm) is added to the water, then more fish we be observed, than water without adding dissolved oxygen to the water. My approach would be to devise an experiment in which the amount of dissolved oxygen (ppm) can be changed in a controlled manner, then measure and record the changes. My independent variable would be the amount of dissolved oxygen (ppm) in the water, while the dependent variable would be the amount of fish present. The control I would use in this specific experiment would be the temperature of the water. I would graph this data using a bar graph because the results I am comparing are not representative in a continuous series, and doesn’t include dates, or days that samples are taken. The results are independent from each other. When presenting the data from table 2: Water Quality vs. fish Population, I would use a bar graph using the number of fish observed on the horizontal, and the amount of dissolved water (ppm) vertical. Such as in the graph presented in figure 4: Top speed for cars. The data presented in my graph would show that when higher amounts of dissolved oxygen (ppm) are present, the higher the quantities of fish are observed.

In exercise 2 , I have determined that number 1,5 and 10 are testable, while 2,3,4,6,7, and 9 are not testable. 1. When a plant is placed on a window sill, it grows faster than when it is placed on a coffee table in the middle of the living room. Hypothesis: If the plant is placed on...
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