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Topics: Electric current, Ohm's law, Resistor Pages: 3 (539 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Science practical report
(The relationship between voltage and Current)
Aim: To find out how current, voltage and résistance in a electric circuit are related. Hypothesis
The reading for both voltmeter and ammeter will have complete different results in relationship to the resistor, voltage and current. That voltmeter will have a higher reading than ammeter. Materials

* Power pack
* Piece of nidrome
* 50 cm long or a resistor
* Hear proof mat
* 6 connecting wires
* Alligator clips
* Resistor( 100Ω)
* Voltmeter
* Ammeter


Independent: the amount of voltage

Dependent: the reading of both the multimeters and the temperature of the resistor, the amount of ohms.

Controlled: Heat of the resistor from previous amount of volts. The accuracy of voltmeter and ammeter. Amount of time to find out the results of Voltmeter and ammeter. Power packs and time in which circuit is powered.

1. Gather up all materials needed for practical
2. Place heat proof mat down and plug the power pack into the power points. 3. Connect the ammeter in series with the nichrome wire. 4. Likewise with the voltmeter, parallel aswell.
5. Set the power pack to two volts and gather the reading for both ammeter and voltmeter. 6. Repeat steps 5 just adjust the volts and increase by two. 7. Record all results and place into table.

Table of results
Volts| Volts meter | Ammeter | V/I|
2| 2.22| 0.03| 74|
4| 3.99| 0.05| 79.8|
6| 5.7| 0.06| 95|
8| 7.73| 0.09| 85.8|
10| 9.66| 0.10| 96.6|
12| 11.78| 0.13| 90.61|

* As show in the results as the volts increased the voltmeter increase roughly by two, unlike the ammeter where it increase slightly by 0.02. The V/I were always under 100 because of human error and mistakes within the experiment it could not be precise.

The final data was controlled and precise; the method was understandable...
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