Science Fiction

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Science Fiction
Science fiction is a kind of literary arts whichdepends on imagination . In this kind of literature the writer tries to create an imaginative world which has a special nature using certain literary techniques . He can use philosphical, scientfic, biological and technical theories. He tries to guess what may happen in the future . He can discuss philosphical subjects and certain values in different world. But at the same time science fiction tries to stay in a logical mode with the scientific theories and the laws of nature without any need for magical or supernatural power that makes science fiction different from fantacy. Science fiction (Science Fiction) kind of fantasy novelist take the impact of scientific and technological progress on society and individuals whose main topic.

Scientific fiction simply is about the effects of science on human beings and the events that may occur.

French composer great John Verne (Verne) is the most famous science fiction writers. It is known that most of inventions he mentioned in his novels has been achieved so amazingly later. His famous novel ( 20 leagues under the water ) in 1870, which takes place on a submarine tour under water and the risks they face, as well as the details of the form of the submarine and its characteristics. The description of the long-range missiles.His novel (From Earth to the Moon), which described the landing on the moon. How the vehicle from the ground launched by shooting a rocket . Most famous work:

1878 five weeks in a balloon
1864 Journey to the Center of the Earth
1870 Twenty Thousand Leagues under the water
1870 Mysterious Island
1872 Around the World in Eighty Days

(H.G Wells) is considered the real founder of modern science fiction. Among most most famous novels and the greatest of all is (The Time Machine) in 1895, followed by (The Invisible Man) in 1897.

Also in the Arab world, we find the...
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