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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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One day I got a call to go underground and kill my arch-nemesis. My arch-nemesis’s name was Medusa. He shrunk me with his shrink ray, so now I am the size of a cnidarian. I am now in a underground prison with guards guarding. Once I get out of this door, there is a voice controlled door with one of Medusa’s men. There is another door that is finger print controlled with one more of Medusa’s men. When you walk out of the second door there is another maze that ends with a door that is finger print controlled and voice controlled with another of Medusa’s underground palace men. I have superpowers which are chameleon, invisibility, and shape shifting. Chameleon makes me blend into anything like a chameleon. Invisibility makes me go invisible, and shape shifting makes me go out of shape and become anything. I got passed the first door by using my invisibility. The guard tried catching me but he couldn’t, in fact he helped me. He said the password for the door to open. I made the man faint so he can’t stop me. The second door was hard to go through until I realized the most important thing was right behind me. The thing was the man. The man that fainted and I can get his fingerprints. I tried picking him up then I decided to drag him and take his thumb then scan the machine with it. But, it didn’t work so I had to rip his thumb off and scan the machine. Then the door got stuck while it was opening. But it wasn’t a very big problem. I used my shape-shifting powers and became slime and slithered through the amount of open space between the two open doors.

The third door. The hardest door to get through. I dragged the man that fainted and scanned his thumb on the machine. I got the man that I passed on the first door and forced him to say the password. He said it then the guards on the outside were waiting for me. So I used me superpowers and became invisible. I pushed the man out so it seemed like he was the walking out. The guards never suspected me or the man. I...
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