Topics: Global warming, Al Gore, Earth Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: September 4, 2013
The documentary of Al Gore is very interesting, because it does not only give you information about global warming but also it will awaken you to take good care of our mother earth. It clearly showed the environmental conditions our planet is facing. Part of the reason why I like it was that Gore presents a powerful message that combines factual information, humor and, ultimately, hopes. I really like how Al Gore relates his life story with what was happening in the earth, especially global warming. I was shocked that there was already big increase on carbon dioxide emission. I don't like the fact that he put some issues in politics, especially on what happened in 2000 presidential election in America. The global warming issue was properly and well explained by giving so animations, graphics, and video clips. I realized how much we take our actions for granted, never giving any thought if those actions will have negative impact on the environment. I really like what he said in the documentary, “We no longer have much time left to change, but we do have time.” I was awakened by the documentary and it made me feel that it's our time to secure our future. I learned that if we are humane enough about the issue of global warming, we must encourage ourselves to make the change. Indeed, An Inconvenient Truth hits sharp and it hits hard. If you love our mother earth, watch it. No wait, don't just watch it, do something. Start making changes, to save the earth for ourselves and the next generation who will inherit it. From Gore’s statement, one can notice that although we are all responsible for the global warming, we are in the same time the only ones who can prevent this phenomenon from going even further. Taking this fact into consideration, we need to start living a sustainable life. A sustainable way of life can be attained by exploring the alternative energy sources, by making ‘environment protection and preservation’ one of our priorities in our...
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