Sci 241 Week 1 3 Day Diet Anaylsis

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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3-Day Diet Analysis
Week 1 assignment

Cassandra Cook

I know that my eating habits are not that great. I work at a fast food restaurant full time so mainly my lunches are fast food. Lately, I have not been eating as much of what I usually due since becoming pregnant and I want to provide best for my unborn child. I like a lot of canned foods though such as chicken noodle soup and raviolis. I know there is not much nutrients in canned foods though. When I make dinners for my family I like to provide at least a meat and a vegetable. My favorite vegetables are corn, potatoes, and carrots. I am going to try to start eating more vegetables and healthier foods than the fast food sandwiches and the canned foods I have been consuming.

For the Grains food group my target is 7 ounces. These past three days I have consumed 5 ½ ounces. I am under the target for this group. For the whole grains I ate ½ an ounce when I should be eating about 3 ½ ounces. For the refined grains I ate 5 ounces. I ate over the limit for refined grains. For the Vegetable food group my target is 3 cups. I have consumed 1 cup of vegetables which is below the target. This food group is broken down into different groups. The first group is dark greens. My target for dark greens a week is 2 cups. This week I have eaten 0 cups. I have eaten under the target. The second group is red & orange. My target is 6 cups a week. This week I have eaten 1 cup. I am under the target. The third is Beans & peas. My target is 2 cups a week. I have eaten 0 cups of beans & peas. The fourth group is starchy. My target is 6 cups a week. I have eaten 0 cups. The final group is other. I should be eating 5 cups a week of other vegetables. I have eaten ¼ cup of other vegetables.

For the fruits group my target is 2 cups. I have eaten five cups of fruit. I have eaten over the target. The fruit group is broken down into two separate groups. They are whole fruit and fruit juice. For...
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