School Things I Like/Dislike

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The Things I Like and Dislike
School is a place I have to go to five days a week, except on Saturdays and Sundays and the holidays of course. I spend a lot of time in school. Thus I cannot help liking some aspects and disliking other aspects of it. Why not mention a few things everyone can easily agree on liking and ways to improve on the things we are disliking. I like recess most of all, though now, it’s mostly referred to as ‘break-time’ or ‘in-between classes’. This is especially after a few hours of torture trying to figure out some tough ‘sums’ and listening to the history teacher bore on about some half-forgotten war. The relief of consuming food and drinks at the cafe-shop is really satisfying. What more, my friends are always there to provide great company and companionship. We yack on and on about nothing in particular. It is great to be among those you know well. The bell that signals the end of recess is not what I like. Judging from the audible moans from those around me the bell is not very popular with the others as well. So we trudge reluctantly back to class to undergo another few hours of lessons. Classes are not totally torturous. Much depend on the teachers. Some teachers have a knack of making their lessons interesting, so it is pleasant to learn something. These teachers really do take the trouble to teach us and we appreciate them very much, most of time. Unfortunately there are some very obnoxious teachers who purposely pick on us. These are usually the older ones who have lost their spark for teaching. Who could blame them after having to repeat the same things year after year? I have been picked on several times for very trivial things. These occasions are what I dislike. Nobody likes to be sent out of the class for forgetting to bring a book. Also nobody likes to stand on their feet for one whole period for talking in class. I have undergone these punishments and they are not pleasant. Who can...
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