School Prayer

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School Prayer
Brittany Owens
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School Prayer
In this paper I am going to talk about the Ethics of School Prayer. I will be telling you about the differences between wanting school prayer in schools and not wanting school prayer in schools. I will also tell you about the statistics of the parents on who would like prayer in schools and the parents who do not want prayer in schools.

There are so many people who would love to have prayer in schools for their children so they know how to keep their religion going even if they are in school. No matter what people believe in they will always know how to keep everything a debate and most of the time in court over an argument.

So many kids would agree with their parents if they are really into their beliefs. They would have no argument of what they want in schools. There are so many children that would love to have school prayers in school and then there are the children that see no reason for the school prayers to be in the schools.

There was a Judge that stopped being able to read the bible in schools and the bible that they were able to read was King James Version. This is what the article said on how he stopped the bible reading, Judge Alphonso Taft concluded that use of the King James Bible “is Protestant worship” and that “its use is a symbol of Protestant supremacy in the schools, and as such offensive to Catholics and to Jews.” 1 On review, the Ohio Supreme Court agreed with Taft and ended Bible reading in the public schools”(Stephen D Soloman).

No matter what people say they will always have some type of disagreement and then have some type or argument then eventually take out the thing that they are fighting over. In this case it is school prayer. I think that it would be nice to have school prayer in schools but nobody would agree easily and it would lead to an argument and probably taken to court for a battle.

Many parents do not agree with school prayer because not all of them believe in the same type of God. There are Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian so everybody prays differently and between all the beliefs it would be impossible for people to have their own prayers.

There are many lawsuits over school prayer than over custody battles because everyone always disagrees. I do not think I have heard of an agreement on a public school to have a school prayer. They have already made praying in a public school illegal for people to do. If you do have prayer in a public school you could get in serious trouble.

There are some people that think that religion should be left for home purposes and left at church and not in schools because school is for education only (which you will only find prayer in private schools.)Here in Anniston Alabama we have a couple of private schools that do school prayer because one is a Christian private school and the other is a Catholic private school. So prayer is part of their curriculum. Learning about God and Jesus Christ is a major part in their teachings because that is what the school is for is to keep the faith in their work.

I would personally love to send my children to a private school but it is so expensive that it is impossible to send my children to a private school. All I can do to teach them about Jesus Christ and God is teach them at home and teach them at church.

The Board of Education of 22 different states argued that the prayer was so generally worded that it was different from ordinary prayers; it was based on the country's "spiritual heritage." No student was compelled to recite the prayer. They could be excused from the classroom, or stay in class and remain silent. The Board adopted a regulation stating that: "Neither teachers nor any school authority shall comment on participation or nonparticipation...nor suggest or request that any posture or language be used or dress be worn or be not used or not worn." No student was compelled to...
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