School Policies in Schools

Topics: Education, Disability, Teacher Pages: 4 (1041 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Unit 1. Task 1-5.2

Write a brief summary of policies and procedures in schools relating to the following:

Performance management. School governors will establish an annual evaluation policy for the teachers to ensure that their objectives are set for each of them and guarantee that their performance is assessed annually. Each teacher will get a performance report where shows the areas they need to work on and a constructive feedback to help them progress. Grievance policy. A guide for the teachers regarding behaviour problems, administration matters, discrimination, bullying issues, equal opportunities and recruitment. Pay policy. Teachers’ payment is structured by law and includes a scope for progression. This policy should be reviewed annually by the school governors and follow the national pay structure.

Pupil welfare:
Safe guarding policy. This policy gives clear information about how to protect children from maltreatment, how to prevent impairment of children’s health or development and how to ensure that children are safe and receive effective care. Health and safety policy. It explain what must be done in order to meet the minimum requirements of legislation, the health and safety policy and accepted best practice within the school premises. Drug awareness policy. Will describe are potentially harmful including some whose possession and use are illegal. Also, it helps teachers to provide a clear programme to teach pupil the risk of using drugs.

Behaviour management. Should incorporate rewards and sanctions policy and would promote high standards for the conduct of pupils to create a friendly, tolerant and safe working environment.

Personal, social, health and economic education policy. Should influence positively individual pupils’ development by all pupils, regardless of ability, gender or ethnic group and be a guide to help them prepare their understanding, skills, attitudes, and behaviour for their effective personal and social...
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