School Policies and Procedures

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School Policies
General Ricardo G. Papa Sr. Memorial High School Memorial High School (GRPMHS) strictly implements “No Collection Policy” in their school. Request for Form 137 (Permanent Records)
* The student must have a request form from the school he/she will be transferred with. * Should be only use for Job Application and for Legal Purpose, a written request is required. * Forms are released after 2 working days.

* Permanent records (Form 137) should be issued twice only. Request for Form 138 (Report Card)
* Certification of Grades will be issued
* The student must have a written request together with an affidavit of lost/damage is required. Form 18 (Report on Secondary Promotions)
* Should be accomplished in duplicate, should serve as a permanent record of all promotions at the end of the school year in the First to Fourth Years, inclusive * For Fourth Year students the copies of this form should be accomplished a week before the end of the school year, and those for the First, Second, and Third Years at the close of the school year. The original copy should be retained in the office of the principal, and the duplicate should be forwarded to the division office as soon as the form is accomplished. * A separate report for each section of each year of each curriculum is required.

Admission Procedure
* An Applicant must pass the admission requirements such as Elementary Report Card, Certificate of Good Moral Character, NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate. * The Admission Officer will validate all the requirements. After validating, the Admission Officer will give a registration form to the Applicant. * The Applicant will fill up registration form.

* The Applicant will submit the registration form to the Admission Officer for final validation. * If the registration form is complete and correct then the Admission Officer will now stamp the registration form saying the applicant is ADMITTED.

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