School Counselor

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School Counselor

Every student needs help in some way whether entering high school, needing information, choosing a career, or talk about personal problems. As a high schoolor, students realize what roles counselors play in school careers and futures. School counselors are there every step of the way.

A school counselor plays multiple roles in a students’ life. Before anything, the counselor and student must get to know each other, so the student is comfortable.(Job Profiles, 2011) When a student enters freshman year in high school, there is one counselor that will be there throughout the four years of high school. Students are worried about the new people, new classes, where the classes are, etc. The counselor allows the student to choose their classes, but they must also meet the graduating requirements. Another job the school counselor does is helping students plan their careers for the future. They provide information on careers they might be interested in, colleges and their requirements. Throughout the students school years they guide them in a path that will help them in the future, depending what colleges they want to go to and what they want to major in. Lastly, school counselors help students deal with personals problems. For example, family related, drug related, social problems or struggles in class. Your counselor is there for you whenever you need them.

To be a counselor, you must want to help the students in the best way possible. You are required to be patient, confident, trustful and resourceful. My main goal while being a counselor is making sure the student feels safe. But also, help them with what they need, make sure they still have fun, listen to what they say and guide them in the direction of success. It may not be easy but it will be worth it. I believe that I would enjoy this job the most because it challenges me to help someone in the best way possible. (KidsHealth, 1995)

To lead into your career of a school counselor the...
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