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School Days in Biñan
This is the town where his father saw the light of day, and where he sent to continue studying the rudiments of Latin, where he started to learn. Early Schooling
Teodora Alonza Realonda
* Was the first teacher of Rizal, where he learned the Latin alphabet and the Catholic prayer. Maestro Celestino and Maestro Lucas Padua
* A private tutors of Rizal.
Leon Monroy
* Give the first lessons in Latin.
Jose goes to Biñan
June, 1870
-Jose left Calamba for Biñan, where he was accompanied by Paciano, who acted as his second father. They rode in a carromata. Leandro
-a cousin of Rizal, went for sightseeing in the town.
First Day in Biñan School
Maestro Justiniano Aquino Cruz
-owner of the Biñan school
-tall, thin, long-neck man, w/ the sharp nose and a body bent slightly forward. Usually wore a sinamay shirt woven by the skillful hands of the Batangueñas. First School Brawl
* The bully classmate of Jose and the son of their teacher Maestro Justiniano. Uncle Manuel
* An athlete, the one who taught Jose in arts of wrestling. Andres Lakundanan
* Challenged Jose to an arm-wrestling fight.
Painting Lesson in Biñan
- An old painter and the father-in-law of the school teacher.
- Who freely gave a lessons in drawing and painting.
Jose Guevara
* A classmate of Rizal, who also loved painting, and became the apprentices of the old painter. Daily Life in Biñan
Jose led a methodical life in Biñan, which strengthened his body and soul. He recorded in his memiors:
I heard the four o’clock Mass (in the morning), If there was one; or I studied my lessons in the same hour and heard mass afterward. Upon returning, I looked for mabolo fruit in the grove and I ate it. Afterward I took my breakfast, which consisted usually of a plate of boiled rice, and two fried sardinas. Then I went to class, which was over at ten. I went home immediately.

If there was a particularly appetizing fish,...
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