Schizophrenia and Grendel S Rituals

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  • Published : September 2, 2010
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Grendel Psychological Profile

            There is a stage in everyone’s life where they feel they are not accepted by someone or something. Whether it is because of one’s age, appearance, or emotional and mental stability, a sense of disproval and isolation appears to be glaring through the eyes of society. Throughout Grendel’s life, he is shunned from humanity for he was viewed as something of destruction and harm. However, not one person ever took the time out to see Grendel’s true personality or really discover what he was all about. When facing the realities of the cruel world, Grendel found himself severely struggling with some psychological deficiencies. After performing multiple psychoanalysis tests on Grendel’s behavior, his irrationality, thought disorder, and withdrawal from society all prove he suffers from schizophrenia.             Throughout Grendel’s life he dealt with a series of difficulties. He lived with his mother, who became a burden to him for she was rather attached to her son and did not want to let him out of their habitat. However, he always left anyway seeking new adventure and the approval of Hrothgar’s people. Although, he longed to be accepted he hid from society for his fear of what might happen was vast.  Grendel, having the mentality of a teenage boy, could not contain his emotions and eventually exposed himself to human kind. “I shrieked at them, trying to scare them off, but they merely ducked behind bushes and took long sticks from the saddles of their horses, bows and javelins. “You’re all crazy,” I bellowed, “you’re all insane!” I’d never howled more loudly in my life. Darts like hot coals went through my legs and arms and I howled more loudly still.” (pg. 27) The outcome was not what he had expected due to his immense size and beast like features, he was attacked, harassed, and rejected by the people. From that point on, his anger exasperated and after conversing with the dragon, a major influence of...
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