Scasi: Pygmalion

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  • Published : February 9, 2011
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SCASI: Pygmalion

London; torrents of heavy summer rain, cab whistles blowing in all directions; portico of St. Paul’s church Political:
Big gap between rich and poor
11: 15 p.m.

Eliza: proud; independent; dignified
Higgins: studied; matter-of-fact; little patience with feelings of others and himself; bold; easy going, outspoken, clever, insightful, insensitive Pickering: gentle; caring; studied; polite
Doolittle: proud; outspoken, easy going; bold; matter-of-fact; fair Foils:
Higgins and Pickering
Dynamic vs. Static:
All characters are static except Eliza and Clara
How characters are revealed:
Physical descriptions, stage directions, and dialogues between themselves and others as well as between others about the character Relationships:
Eliza and Higgins: student and teacher
Eliza and Pickering: student and teacher; friends
Higgins and Pickering: colleagues

Higgins, Pickering, Eliza, Mrs. Eynsford Hill, Clara, and Freddy meet one night at Covent Garden. Initial incident:
Eliza arrives at Higgins’ house, asking him to teach her proper English so that she can work in a flower shop. The challenge is taken and Higgins declares that he can pass Eliza off as a duchess at an ambassador’s garden party in six months. Major conflict:

Trial one: Occurs at Mrs. Higgins’ home, where Eliza is instroduced to the Eynsford Hills. Major conflict:
Trial two: Occurs at the ambassador’s party, which Eliza pulled off with great success. Climax:
Eliza throws Higgins’ slippers at him in a rage because Higgins and Pickering failed to praise Eliza for her work and because Higgins did not care about what was to become of her. Ending:
Higgins and Pickering rushes to Mrs. Higgins and reports that Eliza has run away. They find Eliza with Mrs. Higgins and Higgins begun to admire Eliza when she stood up for herself and threatened Higgins that she will work for Nepommuck. She...
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