Scary Experience

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Experience Speech

Scary Experience
It was late at night around 11:30pm and I had just gotten of work and started driving down this long narrow road that leads to my subdivision, which tipically takes me 8-10 minutes. When turning on to this road there were only 3 other cars with me and as I got closer to my subdivision each one turned their seprate ways except the gold beat up car behind me, and I had noticed that this car had been keeping up with me no matter what speed I went. So I quickly turned into my subdivison and took off, as I looked behind the car was still right behind me keeping its pace. That is when I got this eary feeling and it was telling me this is suspicious, its just not right, and I had heard that if you think someone is following you, you shouldnt pull into where you live, you should keep driving, and thats exactly what I did. When I reached the top of the hill it was either turn left or right, and both ways with some turns, lead you back to the front of the subdivision. Being in the nervous state of mind that I was in I made an extremely stupid decision and turned left. As I turned just then I remembered that side of the subdivision was under construction and had very few houses down that way, of course I would choose the worst way to go. I continued to not stop at the stop signs and speed through the streets by that time I felt like I was in the fast and furious or something, and I start to see the car further at a distance. In the midst of this chaos I failed to remember which turn it was to get back to the front of the subdivision. so I randomly picked a street and it turned out that was a bad choice as well because it ended up being a dead end. luckily there was one house down that street with its lights on and 3 cars in the drive way, so some one was home. As I pulled into their driveway I turned my lights off and stared out my window to see if that car would turn onto the same street I just did. In that moment my heart was...
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