Scarlette O' Hara Charater Analysis

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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Analysis Essay

Scarlett O’ Hara is a woman who does what it takes to survive no matter what the case may be. In the book Gone with the Wind, Scarlett O’ Hara plays a role of what most people might think is crazy. This upper class southern belle living in the country side of Atlanta, Georgia just before the Civil War takes place. She embarks on an adventure of turmoil, death, and deceitfulness. In this era of time during the Civil War Scarlett did not care for it, in fact she pitied the fool to do such a act as war. Scarlett went from this simple, but yet complicated teenager to an extremely deep and dark woman of desperate needs. Scarlett possesses a remarkable talent for leadership, optimism, and will power. Scarlett O’ Hara lives her own life by her own rules of engagement. She is a hopelessly desperate lady looking for a means to an end. Scarlett has an infectious attitude, the audience hates to love her and her ways of life.

There is a dark-haired, green eyed Georgia belle who struggles through the hardships of the Civil War and Reconstruction. Scarlett exhibits more of her father’s hard headedness than her mother’s refined Southern manner. Although initially she tries to behave prettily, her instincts rise up against social restrictions. Determination defines Scarlett and drives her to achieve everything she desires by any means necessary. This determination first manifested itself in her narcissistic and sometimes backstabbing efforts to excite the admiration of every young man in the neighborhood. Later under threat of starvation and even death, she is determined to survive and does so by pick cotton, running her entire plantation, forging a successful business, and even killing a man.

Scarlett also aims to win Ashley Wilkes, and her failure to do so guides the plot of the novel. Ashley’s marriage to Melanie Hamilton and rejection of Scarlett drive nearly all of Scarlett’s important subsequent...
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