Scam's in India

Topics: Political corruption, India, Politics Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Scam-a-day India or more accountable India
by Anant Rangaswami Aug 27, 2012
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Everything seems to be dank and dark today. Every political party is being exposed in corruption issues, some small, some large, some beyond comprehension. Inflation is rampant, IIP is down, GDP growth is shrinking, reforms seem to be in cold storage, the sovereign ratings of the country head south, the rupee is struggling, FDI inflows come down to a trickle. There is nothing to cheer about, it seems.

Yes, there is, if you look hard enough.
Take the case of former BMC chief Subodh Kumar and his attempt to take a post-retirement job with Essel group. Hindustan Times, in a news report, linked Kumar to an approval that was sought by the Essel group, using his discretionary powers. That was the end of that. The Subodh Kumar episode demonstrates that, in today’s environment, there is little that will escape scrutiny by media. It might be a small, insignificant episode, but it is a pointer of the state of the nation and the nation’s attitude towards corruption.

There is no more ‘respect’ for the ‘sanctity’ of the office of the prime minister, as has been proven by the attempts to gherao his residence as if he were no different from the manager of a factory in West Bengal in the Left agitations in the 1970s. As far as media is concerned, there is no holy cow any more. News media, in all forms, does not hesitate to name wrongdoers and alleged wrongdoers, starting with the lowliest of government servants and rising to the office of the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister himself. “It is only a CAG who can fearlessly interrogate the government....
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