Say No to Plastics

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Multistage rocket, Greenhouse gas Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Say No TO Plastics:-Not long ago in Cairns a beautiful whale beached itself and sadly the wahle died. When the scientists conducted an autopsy to find out what made it die they found 6aq m – that’s 6 sq m – of plastic bafs inside the whale’s digestive system. The poor thing had beached itself because it was slowly choking on all that man-made plastic – the exact plastic bags we get from Coles, Woolies or the mall. Say no to plastic bags.

Whales are not the only animals dying from plastic bags. Birds become entangled, nearly 200 species of sea life including seals, sea turtles and dolphins die, because they mistake the bags for food. Bangladesh has banned plastic bags. China has banned free ones. Ireland taxes plastic bags and has reduced their use by 90 per cent. Rawanda has banned them. Some states in America have banned them. Australia should ban them too.

Say no to plastic bags. If we all said no to plastic bags that would equal: 6 bags a week, 24 bags a month, 288 bags each year and 22,176 in a lifetime. If only one in five people in Australia did this we would save 88.7 billion plastic bags. Please, please, please say no to plastic bags.

The irony of plastic bags
When the Spring issue of the Review arrived in my mailbox I looked through the plastic mailing bag at the cover title, “It's all about our Planet.” This left me dumbfounded at the gross irony before my eyes. The magazine’s circulation is 106,000; it doesn't take an elementary school teacher to calculate how many plastic bags that represents. This has made me realize that there is nothing inside this publication worth this kind of cost to the environment, so until you stop wrapping the Review in plastic, please remove me from your mailing list. Deborah Pearson, Ed '89

Cambray, ON
More than an annoyance
It is somewhat ironic that this issue, with its cover story about saving the environment, came in one of those annoying plastic wrappers. It is even...
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