Saving Own Traditions Throughout Generations Is What Kazakh People Tend to Fail. Discuss a Problem by Providing Causes and Several Possible Solutions

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Saving own traditions throughout generations is what Kazakh people tend to fail. Discuss a problem by providing causes and several possible solutions. The state of being a particular country implies the presence of numerous certain responsibilities such as own policy, controlling system, laws and, more importantly, history along with own mature traditions. These cultural traditions can be determined as the root and base of the certain society. So, valuing and saving them are essential factors as they contribute to the further successful development and expansion of the society as a unified and independent nation with own characteristics and principles. Nevertheless, majority of countries tend to ignore the importance of following their inherited traditions and Kazakhstan is presumably not an exception. This essay will represent serious social issue in Kazakhstan and provide several solutions, suggesting that reaching a positive effect appears to be possible only by applying all solutions together systematically. Historically, Kazakh people are known for their rich culture and variety of traditions, which have been inherited throughout generations. However , as time passes, perceptions shift leading to a partial loss of uniqueness and significance of these traditions among majority of kazakhs. Such tendency can be explained by two main factors, which both have an equal influence on these changes. Firstly, the remains of Soviet Union ideology which implied dominance of Russian language and decline in role of native language and culture. That being so, have brought considerable implications on subsequent generations, what is still visible and continuing tendency. For instance, most of the older people, who were living in a Soviet Union period, have not changed their perceptions and way of living, thus, even have sceptic attitudes towards Kazakh culture. One further aspect is the effects of Westernization on a modern Kazakh society. In other words shifting to...
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