Save the Sea Turtles

Topics: Sea turtle, Beach, Ocean Pages: 6 (2248 words) Published: July 25, 2012
Save the Sea Turtles
Laura Jo Dethloff
July 23, 2012
Donna Strong

Traveling the seas by day and night are the ancient sea creatures known as sea turtles. The deep blue waters are full of them from leatherbacks to loggerheads, and many more. The 100- pound enormous creatures are threatened or endangered at the hand of humans every day. With the tragic problems the world face today it is a wonder that people consider saving these animals. Environmental conservatives and marine biologist are among the few people that are deeply concerned for these animals. Their concerns come from that the sea turtles demonstrate the ultimate lesson of ecology. The sea turtles link two vital ecosystems, beaches, and marine systems. Without the sea turtles, both the marine and beach ecosystems will weaken severely. This constant break down in the ecosystem causes a fast pacing chain effect to take place and humans are in the straight path of the chain link. Humans successfully use the powerful roaring seas as an important food source and humans use the sandy beaches for many family and personal activities. Sea Turtles have been thriving strong, steady, and living for many years, but they are on a continual verge of becoming extinct and the sea turtles need to be saved if human kind wants a future too.

Sea turtles play a major role in the mass production of healthy sea grass. Sea grass is a type of submerged aquatic vegetation and this grass rapidly performs a variety of complex functions within the Earth’s ecosystem. In the ocean, sea grass serves as food, shelter, and in most bodies of water the sea bed is an essential nursery area to commercial and recreational fishery species as well as other types of invertebrates. Many invertebrates in the ocean provide tremendous business to the sea food industry. This widely large spread of sea vegetation is essentially important to the sea turtles diet. It is a major food source; however, the sea turtles never eat the plant completely. They just simply keep it chewed away to where the fine blades of the sea grass stay short. It is the shortness of the sea grass that keeps the grass healthy all year long. Without the sea turtles constantly eating and maintaining the sea grass into its healthy growth it will affect the food chain because other marine animals would slowly dissipate. Without the availability of marine animals humans eventually suffer the cost. Deep sea fishermen would be without work and without the fishermen going to sea to catch the marine life the food industry suffers. When the food industry suffers more jobs are at risk. On a more serious note the world loses a major food source, sea food!

The ocean is not the only thing that is constantly affected by the possible extinction of sea turtles. Beaches and land dunes are also affected in a negative way because these two land forms get their nutrients from sea turtles. Sea turtles lay eggs up to two or three times a year, and they will visit constantly the beaches, and sand dunes more than once during the female nesting season. Sea turtle eggs are made of a soft leathery shell, and it is the nutrients in the egg shells that give the beaches and sand dunes their nutrients. The stronger the beaches, and sand dunes are; the most likely they are to stay in place for humans to enjoy as well as other wild life including the sea turtles. Strong sea vegetation along the sandy beaches, and around the sand dunes need strong root systems to help hold the sand in the dunes and it protects the beach from erosion. Erosion is the geological process in which Earth's surface is worn down by natural forces like running water, wind, glaciers, and waves (Discovery Channel/2012). The extinction of sea turtle would result in an increased of erosion along the beach side, and the beach is as strong habitat to many other marine animals and birds. Beaches and sand dunes are also quite an...
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