Save Money

Topics: Want, Money, Debit card Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Saving Cash
Do you ever catch yourself spending way too much money from your paycheck? Well then I have some helpful suggestions to help you get through your next check. I have three different things you can do to cut down on some of the useless spending. One of the sets is to cut back on how much money you put in the tank. Another one I like to do is set an allowance to help watch any overspending from happening. The last step is at the end of the week try and scape up whatever cash you have left and put it in a savings account. The first thing I do when in need to save money is cut back on driving around. Figure out how much you drive to work in a week and then see how much extra driving you do. Sometimes it can get pretty high up there. Now that you know you only drive hundred miles to work a week. You are driving four hundred miles of pleasure a week. Now it is time to start thinking and getting rid of all the trips to town you don’t need to go. Instead of stopping at home after work before going to the store, try finding it at one of the dozens of stores you drive by on your way home. Another thing you might want to try and remember is to make sure you have everything you need for the day before you head out. The second step would be to set a reasonable allowance. To do this you are going to want to find out how much each of your paychecks will be after paying bills. Now you have some left over cash in your hand and you’re not sure what to do with it. Well what you should do is take out how much money you think you will need to get you through until the next pay check. There may be a lot or there may not, but that’s what you got to work with. Hopefully it stays consistent on what you get and what you spend to make it a little easier on you. One thing that I have found helps me is that using cash instead of using my debit card is much easier to keep track up. When you are using your card you have to add up everything you buy and keep track of. When you...
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