Save as Many as You Ruin

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  • Published : February 21, 2012
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Save as Many as You Ruin
Save as many as you ruin is a short story by Simon Van Booy. The short story I characterized by the story line is focused on a short period of time for example is save as many as you ruin only focused on one single day with the exceptions of the flashbacks. Is also mainly focused on a little amount of people, which also is the coincidence in this short story. The location of the story and the main character is cold winter day in Manhattan. Our main character is Gerard and he is a middle-aged man. He is on his way home from work and through the day he is interrupted by different flashbacks. If you count the flashbacks in the timeline the whole story is about 8 years long but as I said before the main timeline is only one day. In the story I’ll try to analyse how Gerard’s descriptions of contrasts, the city and events reflects his own emotions.

The story starts out with Gerard getting off work and heading his way home. Already on the first page of the story we get a feeling of this mellow mood and a bit of depression. He thinks about if his life is extraordinary. It seems he thinks about if anyone would remember him if he passed away or something like that “Gerard thinks of his own footprints and how soon they will disappear”. Also on the first page we get a good impression of what Gerard is like “He Remembers Hetherington the physical education teacher (…) Hetherington ran in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He won a medal. Hitler watched. Millions was about to be killed as a teenage Hetherington crossed the finish line”. I think this exact part of the story is very relevant for the understanding of Gerard’s feelings. That is because every time he mentions something good there need to be a contrast to something bad and it easy to spot in that sentence. For example the part above where Hetherington wins a medal is the good part but right after he mentions that Hitler watched which isn’t that good of a thing. The he mentions that millions...
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