Satyameva Jayate

Topics: Truth, Lie, Reality Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Have you heard of 'Satyameva Jayate' , the national slogan of our country? It means that Truth alone Triumphs .Yes, I believe that the whole life of a man succeed only when he is truthful. Not only in relationship, but in every day to day activities.To me,bravery is not only needed in war front but also in telling the truth and facing the aftermath. Any relationship built on lies will not last long. For example in our custom they say that for getting married, people can tell even thousand lies and it is not a sin. Leaving the debate whether it is a sin or not, first of all, I do not understand how does a relationship that begin in lie, will last forever? The total purpose of marriage becomes a waste just because of a lie. To me, better not to start a relationship in lie. Even if that marriage did not end up in divorce, it is for sure that there would not be a smooth relationship. There would be a question of "Is he/she trustworthy?". And this is not good for a relationship, especially in marriage.

Secondly when people lie for petty things, no one will believe them . A man went to forest and all of a sudden he wanted to test the helping tendency of the people of his village. So he shouted that a tiger is coming. All the people in the village heard him shouting and they ran to save him from the tiger. But they couldn't find any tiger. Then they knew that he lied. Next day, the man did the same thing and the people came to rescue him and went away without finding anything. This continued for a few days. One day, a real tiger came and the man shouted for help. No one came and he was eaten by the tiger. The moral of this story is that when people start lying for petty things they will not be believed by anyone when they really need some help. To me never even play for fun by telling lies.

Last but not the least never fear for saying the truth. Whatever be the consequence of truth, face it. When we are truthful, we will have a peace of mind. We will have a...
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