Satire Paper

Topics: Human, Creator deity, Thought Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Aime farfan
English 12B
Ms. Wright
April 29, 2013
Who is the real monster?
In all stories there are many roles to play but the most important roles is the role of the bad guy and what he/she bring to the story. The bad guy role is played by the monster or at least that what your make to believe in the story he is created by victor a man who’s purpose was to create life or was it society who judged the monster for being what he was created to be. The question remains who is the real monster, the monster for being created or victor for creating the monster or human society who judged the monster. In the story victor wants to create life and decides to create the monster so he can proof that life can also be created by man. He had all the materials to create the monster when he was finished with his creation he thought that was the best creation, he never realized that the monster would harm the people he loved and kill his soon to be wife. He made the creation without thinking about what it would do or how it would act in society. He made a choice that cost many peoples live. He should have thought before what consequences the creation would bring, but he doesn’t think he just wanted to be recognized he just thought about himself and what he wanted. He also hide it from people maybe if he would have come out and said he had created a monster and warned people those people would have not died There for victor would be the monster because he was the one who made the creation that killed so many people and cost the life of his cousin and future wife (3-5 Shelley). Also in the story they want to make the monster seem like a bad creation. For the mistakes he makes for being who the creator made him to be. Indeed he did kills sever people but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person he didn’t ask to be created he didn’t ask to become a monster. Yes he might not be like the other human being but doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel and knows that people don’t except him for...
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