Sarah Hall's Letter to Lincoln

Topics: United States, American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Sarah Josepha Buell Hale’s letter to president Abraham Lincoln was written with an intent to have Lincoln recognize Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Hale had felt that the recognition of Thanksgiving was a matter that needed to be addressed and executed in a brief manner. By establishing herself as an individual with great influence, Hale was then able to relate her proposal to the current issues Lincoln was facing.

Hale was a reliable source for many due to the fact she was the editor of the “Lady’s Book”, a highly circulated magazine among women in the United States during the civil war. She wanted Lincoln to recognize her as a reliable source as well by repeatedly referring to herself as the “Editress of the “Lady’s Book”” (1). Through this repetition Lincoln was often reminded of Hale’s influential status, and the validity behind her thoughts. Hale not only established her own credibility, but reminded Lincoln of his as well. Hale referred to Lincoln as President Lincoln or President of the United States throughout the letter. By doing so Lincoln was constantly reminded of not only his title, but the actions he was allowed to perform under the title (actions such as appointing Thanksgiving a national holiday). Hale gave credibility to her proposal as well by stating that both, Governor (General) Banks and Governor Morgan both had agreed to her proposal. Hale validated her sources opinion even more by stating, “[B]oth gentlemen as you will see, have nobly aided to bring about the desired Thanksgiving Union” (1). Through this elaboration Hale had allowed Lincoln to hear the viewpoint of other trusted sources, and not just her own. Hale not only successfully established herself and her ideas a credible, but reminded Lincoln of his credibility as well.

During the time of the civil war supporting the country was a huge part of the society, and it was a part in which Hale was able to utilize in a way that supported her proposal. Hale said in her letter,...
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