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There are a number of steps that need to be taken before Data Services can connect to and extract data from an SAP Business Suite system. Please have a look at the Supplement for SAP for more details.  During the Data Services installation, you have the opportunity to select the features you wish to install. Please ensure that the "Data Services APS Services" are selected, otherwise the metadata import functionality in HANA Studio will not work properly (Data Services Metadata Service and Data Services Viewdata Service).  After the installation is complete, go to the Administrator section of the Data Services Management Console and open the Web Services node. Click on the Web Services Configuration tab and check the select checkbox for the IMPORT_REPO_OBJECT web service.  Then select Disable Session Security from the drop-down listbox at the botttom and click on the Apply button.  Once you've done this, the Session Security checkbox should be unchecked for this web service.  This is mandatory for the metadata import functionality in HANA Studio to work properlly.

From a Data Services perspective, SAP HANA isn't all that different from other databases.  It communicates with it using HANA's ODBC driver (there is no native driver) and it uses mostly standard SQL.  However, there are two topics that are specific to HANA and warrant some special focus so we'll have a look at them now. Table Creation

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Table Creation
Before Data Services Job Execution
During Data Services Job Execution
Before Data Services Job Execution
There are multiple ways of creating tables in HANA before execution of the Data Services Job, let’s see how. New Table Editor
SQL Statement
New Table Editor
1.  Right-click on the Tables node, located under the schema where you wish to create the table, and click on New Table.  
2.  Enter a table name and create as many columns as you wish by defining the names, data types and other properties of the columns.

SQL Statement
1.  Open a SQL Editor window.
2.  Use the CREATE TABLE SQL statement to describe the table you want to create. 3.  Execute the SQL statement.

The Import functionality in the HANA Studio allows you to import metadata from an SAP Business Suite system via Data Services, here's how...   
1.  Create an SAP Applications Datastore in Data Services.  This connection will be used by the HANA Studio to retrieve metadata from the SAP Business Suite system.

2.  From the Quick Launch window of the HANA Studio, click on the Configure Import Server link in the Setup section.

3.  In the Server Address textbox, enter the host name or IP address of your Data Services instance. 4.  In the Repository Name textbox, enter the name of the repository where you created the SAP Applications Datastore in step 1. 5.  Leave the ODBC Data Source textbox empty.

6.  Click on the Import link in the Content section.

7.   Open the Information Modeler folder and select Source Objects.

8.   Select the SAP HANA instance where the metadata will be imported.

9.   Select the SAP Business Suite system you created in step1. 10.   Select the type of object you want to import.  It can be Tables or Extractors.

11.   Locate the table or extractor you wish to import.  You can either enter a value to search for or you can navigate the hierarchy.

12.   Select the table from the source and add it to the target. 13.  Select the schema where the table will be created.

14.   Validate the selected object(s).

15.   Confirm the import.

16.   Right-click on the Tables folder and click on the Refresh menu option to verify the results.

During Data Services Job Execution
Use a Template Table
If the structures of the tables you want in HANA are similar or identical to the tables in the SAP Business Suite source system, then it’s not necessary to create the tables in HANA prior to executing the Data Services Job.  By...
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