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Topics: Bone, Skeletal system, Osseous tissue Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: February 21, 2013
1.)Which minerals are stored in bones?
Solid mineral crystals in your bones impart them with the strength and rigidity to support your body and withstand powerful physical stresses. Calcium and phosphorus are the most abundant minerals in your bones, together forming calcium phosphate crystals. Your bones contain roughly 99 percent of the calcium and 85 percent of the phosphorus in your body. Other minerals stored in your bones include magnesium and fluoride.

2.)Which type of bone provides a large, flat surface area for muscle attachment? flat bone
3.)Describe the location, composition, and function of the epiphyseal plate? epiphyseal plate: located in the metaphysis, composed of hyaline cartilage, is the growth plate; articular cartilage: covers the part of the epiphysis where the bone forms an articulation with another bone, composed of hyaline cartilage, reduces fiction and absorbs shock at freely movable joints; periosteum: surrounds the bone surface wherever it is not covered by articular cartilage, is a sheath of dense irregular connective tissue containing osteoblasts, functions to protect the bone, assists in fracture repair, nourishes bone tissue, and serve as an attachment point for ligaments and tendons

4.)Which kind of bone marrow is found in spongy bone tissue? hemopoietic (red) bone marrow

5.)Which ossification method would form a femur?
The femur is formed through the endochondral ossification process. This is where bone replaces the cartilage. There are six steps in this type of ossification and they are as follows; one the development of cartilage model, two the growth of the cartilage model, three the development of the primary ossification center, four the development of the medullary cavity, five the development of the secondary ossification centers, and six the formation of articular cartilage and the epiphyseal plate

6.)Why is bone remodeling necessary when a person reaches adulthood? it renews osseous tissue before...
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