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Part I

1 Four different living organisms are shown below.



(Not drawn to scale)

Which statement is true for all of the organisms shown? (1) They carry out photosynthesis. (2) They are multicellular. (3) They contain at least one cell. (4) They are consumers.

2 Running to escape danger is an action that requires the nervous system to coordinate the interaction of which two body systems? (1) digestive and endocrine
(2) muscular and skeletal
(3) reproductive and excretory
(4) circulatory and digestive

3 The diagrams below show two organisms.


(Not drawn to scale)
4 Which system produces most of the hormones in the human body? (1) circulatory (3) endocrine
(2) digestive (4) respiratory

5 Each body cell of a goldfish contains 94 chromo- somes. How many chromosomes are contained in a goldfish sex cell? (1) 23(3) 94 (2) 47(4) 188

6 The diagram below shows a green plant.


What is the main function of the plant structure labeled A? (1) reproduction
(2) release of minerals (3) absorption of water (4) support

7 Which unit is used to express the amount of energy in food? (1) Calorie (3) milliliter
(2) degree Celsius (4) gram

How are these two organisms classified? (1) same kingdom, different species (2) same kingdom, same species
(3) different kingdoms, same species
(4) different kingdoms, different species

Inter.-Level Science — Spring ’08 [4]
8 The drawing below represents a pair of chromo- somes.

[pic] Bands

The area labeled “bands” shows the location of
(1) egg cells
(2) sperm cells
(3) reproductive hormones
(4) specific genes

9 Many cars today are designed to get better gas mileage than those made in the past. This change resulted from a need to (1) recycle materials
(2) improve safety
(3) produce chemicals
(4) conserve resources

10 A scientist crosses two different varieties of corn to produce a single variety that has traits from both parents. This technique is an example of (1) competition
(2) natural selection
(3) selective breeding
(4) ecological succession

11 What is the nutrient source for some fungi? (1) sunlight (3) carbon dioxide (2) oxygen(4) dead organisms

12 Which event is the best example of competition between species in a pond environment? (1) dragonflies landing on lily pads
(2) frogs and toads eating flies
(3) lizards and snakes lying in the sun
(4) hawks eating mice
13 The diagram below shows a cross section of a bean seed.


Seed coatX

The function of part X in the bean seed is to
(1) provide protection for the embryo (2) provide nutrients for the embryo (3) prevent mutations in the plant (4) fight off infections in the plant

14 Grasses, shrubs, and trees are called producers because they make (1) water (3)...
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