Sandra Day O'Conner

Topics: Sandra Day O'Connor, Supreme Court of the United States, William Rehnquist Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Sandra day O’Conner

Sandra Day O’Conner was born on March 26, 1930. Born in El Paso Texas, Sandra was raised on the family ranch The Lazy B in southeastern Arizona. Times were hard during the depression, and Sandra had to work on the ranch to help her family. She also read books with college educated mother. She had to younger siblings. Her family was concerned that she gets a good education, so they sent Sandra to live with her grandma in El Paso she attended private school there. Returning one year to the ranch when she was thirteen, a long bus ride dimmed her enthusiasm and she later returned to Texas. She then graduated high school at the age of 16. She attended and studied Stanford University starting in 1946 Graduated in 1950 (magna cum laude). Inspired with law she took up a law class late in her studies, entered Stanford University’s law school. She got her LL.D. in 1952 also in her class was William H. Rehnquist, who would later serve as chief justice of the US Supreme Court. She then worked on the law review and met John O’Conner A student in the class after hers. They then got married in 1952 after she graduated. Sandra’s later court decisions against sex discrimination may have had some roots in her own experience: she was unable to find a position in a private law firm, because she was a woman. Though she did get one offer to work as a legal secretary she went to work, instead as a deputy county attorney in California, When her husband graduated, he got a position as an Army attorney in Germany and Sandra worked there as a civilian attorney. Returning to the US, near Phoenix, Arizona, Sandra Day O'Connor and her husband started their family, with three sons born between 1957 and 1962. While she opened a law practice with a partner, she focused on raising the children – and also served as a volunteer in civic activities, became active in Republican politics, served on a zoning appeals board, and served on the governor's commission on...
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