San Luis

Topics: English-language films, Virtue, Family Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: March 25, 2013

As I thought about the person who has had the greatest impact on my life, remember all those people who have accompanied me during my lifetime. From the beginning I realized that I could be anyone, this person should be someone who really stood by me unconditionally. My mother, a sympathetic and generous to others, has been the person who has had the greatest impact on my life. His heart, will and determination are just some of the many virtues that one day I wish I had. I always appreciated his efforts to keep our home, while trying to fulfill his duties as a person. She never cared all obligations leave aside to take my younger brother to his soccer games or to take my music classes. However, I always saw in each of my concerts clapping and showing me how proud he was of me. I remember during my childhood she woke at 5 am to go to college. She studied social work at the Universidad Mayor de Cundinamarca in Bogotá, Colombia. For mom every day was an endless journey. I never saw herself worried. I think he was incredibly busy to stop and reflect on what was happening in his life. But given their best as mother and student. His work was so efficient that my brother and I now consider it an artist and a fighter by his ideals. Shortly after Mom finished college, family problems arose within days and leave Colombia because my parents were getting a divorce. When least expected, but we were in Boston together with my mother's family. Some of them were there to support us, but honestly my only consolation was the desire to fight for my mom, who with all their delicacy and filled us with hope positivism. During this difficult situation understand how important it is to have someone regardless of the circumstances. My mother is a brilliant person, who has always felt comfortable with what he does. As she always says "your happiness is mine, children." Still, that simple and exemplary life I have learned many things that today I put into practice not only in my...
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