Samurai's Garden

Topics: Samurai, Leprosy, World Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Devoni Mackey
Mr Pino

The Samurai’s Garden

Matsu was the Samurai in the novel “The Samurai’s Garden”. You may hear about legends and heros in your lifetime that have done great deeds to the world. You will also hear about heros on your local news channel, or even your local newspaper. However, you do not have to be known by everyone around the world to be a hero or a legend. You can be a legend in your state, or even in your local community. Matsu was a legend, hero, and also a warrior in China, in his small town Yamaguchi. After reading the book “The Samurai’s Garden”, you will learn about 3 of the main characters. Stephen who is young, Sachi who is fragile, and Matsu who is solemn. Each character is different in their own way. Stephen with Tuberculosis, Sachi with Leprosy, and Matsu with an open heart. The man who would always be there if you needed him, or just needed someone to talk to. Although Matsu was quiet, and barely spoke, he always had open words for you, showed hard work, and showed honor. Although Matsu was there to help anyone who needed guidance, he grew to have a strong love and connection for a girl named Sachi. Sachi was a young woman isolated from the world, with a disease called Leprosy. Her life was not as wonderful. Sadly, it was filled with many hardships. Sachi lost her best friend due to Leprosy, she was rejected by her own fiance, lost all of her freedom to travel, had a miscarriage, and also was rejected by her own parents due to her disease. She felt so alone, and shut out of the world. The only person that she felt a love for was Matsu. Matsu seemed to always be there for Sachi whenever she needed him. All he wished and prayed for was for Sachi to find happiness and also health. In the book, Matsu was the caretaker of the house and garden. He was very quiet who found a love for gardening, and also a love for Sachi. He was there to comfort and to help Sachi find a piece of mind. Matsu had a very slight interest in the...
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