Sampling Biology

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Biology project
Measuring Light Intensity
Soil moisture and soil pH meters are also available - both are used by simply pushing the probe into the soil and reading themeter. Errors can be made when measuring abiotic factors when the soil moisture or pH meter probes are not cleaned between readings. As always the results can be made more reliable by taking many samples. Here are some examples:

The more light available, the more daisy plants will be present.0 This is because daisies need light energy from the sun to make their own food (photosynthesise). Sampling plants

Random sampling is usually carried out when the area under study is fairly uniform, very large, and or there is limited time available. When using random sampling techniques, large numbers of samples/records are taken from different positions within the habitat. A quadrat frame is most often used for this type of sampling. The frame is placed on the ground (or on whatever is being investigated) and the animals, and/ or plants inside it counted, measured, or collected, depending on what the survey is for. This is done many times at different points within the habitat to give a large number of different samples. It would be impossible to count all the plants in a habitat, so a sample is taken. A tool called a quadrat is often used in sampling plants. It marks off an exact area so that the plants in that area can be identified and counted.

About quadrats:
quadrats should be placed randomly so that a representative sample is taken you should look at the results from several quadrats in an area to reduce the effect of an unusual distribution the results are more reliable when you look at the results from many quadrats quadrats may also be used for slow moving animals such as snails/slugs

Sampling animals
It is impossible to find and count all the animals in an area. You can get an idea of the variety and number by taking a sample. Pitfall traps are often used...
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