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Topics: Planet, Solar System, Jupiter Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: March 1, 2013
1.What is a solar system?
ANS. Solar System is known as the Sun’s family.
2.Why is it called a system in itself?
ANS. It is called the system in itself because, Sun’s planets and their moons and asteroids which travel around the sun in definite paths called orbits. 3.What are the members of the Solar System?

ANS. The members of the Solar System are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Earth, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. 4. What is the basis for classifying a planet as an inner or an outer planet? Which are the inner planets? The outer planets?

ANS. The Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are called the inner planets. The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. 5.Which Planets are small? Large? Which are Earth-like planets? ANS. The small planet is Mercury. The large planet is Jupiter. The inner planets are also called the terrestrial or Earth-like Planets. ACTIVITY 2

1.What shape does each planet take? Give your reasons.
ANS. Each planet have roughly spherical in shape because of their axis. 2.Which planet is about as big as planet Earth? Why?
ANS. Venus is about as big as planet Earth because, of Equatorial diameters in kilometers. 3.Which planet have nearly the same period of rotation?
ANS. Uranus and Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn, Earth and Mars. 4.Which planet rotates most rapidly?
ANS. Jupiter rotates most rapidly.
5. How many days does it take Mercury to complete one revolution? ANS. 88 days does Mercury takes to complete one revolution.

6. Venus takes -243 days for one rotation. What does the minus sign suggest in the Table Period of Rotation? ANS. The minus sign is Negative.
7.Compare the period of revolution between Mercury and Neptune. What is the ratio between their periods of rotation? ANS. 87:1 or 87
8.What is the smallest planet? The biggest planet? Arrange the eight planets in the order of decreasing size. ANS. The smallest planet is Mercury. The biggest planet is Jupiter....
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