Sample of Writing an Annotation for a Thesis

Topics: Linguistics, Metaphor, Semantics Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: March 6, 2012

Graduation Master Thesis from:
Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University
Institute of the International Service, Tourism and Foreign Languages Faculty of the English and Romance Languages
Chair of the English Philology
Author: Plotnikova Anastasia Vladimirovna [2011-06-22]

Main parts: Contents, Introduction, three Chapters, Conclusion, Bibliography.

Keywords: political communication; political language; political discourse of mass media; innovations in the political discourse; political narrative; impact on the public conscience; information society; mass media discourse; pragmatics of a text; conceptual political metaphors; political and war euphemisms.


The main objectives of this thesis are to analyze and describe the linguistic means of creating and strengthening the pragmatic potential of the socio-political texts of the American and British press, to reveal their influence on the public intellectual and emotional conscience. The thesis is concentrated on the investigation of the pragmatics of conceptual political metaphors and political and war euphemisms as the main language means of affecting public mind and conscience. Chapter 1 deals with the theoretical aspects of the political communication, political language and political discourse; the problems of innovations and linguistic peculiarities of the American political language and discourse are also revealed and described in the chapter. Chapter 1 also represents the problem of interrelation of political discourse with mass media. Chapter 2 gives the general description of the dominant linguistic means of creating and reinforcing the pragmatics of the socio-political texts of the British and American mass media; reveals the linguistic characteristics and political functions of the American and British mass media; illustrates the role of mass media in the information wars....
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