Sample of Reflection for Fpk

Topics: Education, Philosophy, Teacher Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Nur Safawanie binti Mohd.Syahril (Teslr1)
As for the Falsafah dan Pendidikan coursework, we had been given three tasks. The first task is describing the educational philosopher. My group had decided to choose Rabindranatah Tagore. Honestly, we never heard about Tagore before. At first, we chose Jean Piaget as the educational philosopher. Unfortunately, when we showed to Madam Mary Anne our first draft, she told that Jean Piaget is not an educational philosopher. He gives an educational theory which is cognitive theory but he is not an educational philosopher. Even though the first task is only a matter of fact, she wanted us to give our own opinion and compare the theory to the other educational philosopher. We have a problem in searching for the information since there are various pieces of information regarding Tagore. So, we decide to choose the most suitable references for this task. From this task, we are amazed with the way Tagore thinks. He knows the students nature which love to have fun. Tagore believed that education should be lively and dynamic, not mechanical and artificial. We cannot agree more with this statement. Apart from that, the second task is the role of the teacher to analyze the differences between KBSR and KSSR. We often heard about KBSR and KSSR but we never bother about it as we were not interested to do so. However, throughout this task, we realized KSSR is more futuristic than KBSR and how huge our role of teacher is in order to make this revolution succeed. This task required us to think innovatively since we also have to give our own opinion about KBSR and KSSR. In searching for information, we have no difficulties since a lot of trusted sites regarding this task. Continuously, the last task is about teachers’ career as vocation for God. This task is completely required us to think critically. At first, we have a problem in understanding this task. We are confused whether we have to write about the concept of teachers’...
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