Sample Business Plan (Winex Co.)

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  • Published: September 22, 2013
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Winex Company
Business Plan

Dolores, City of San Fernando Pampanga
Post Code: 2021

Tel No.: (044)-463-6677
Fax: (02) 897-8425
Mobile: 0916-191-0592
1. Summary 3
2. Business Overview 4
Introduction 4
Current Position 4
Competitive Advantage 6
Growth Plan 6
3. Business Strategy 7
Tactics 9
Strategic Issues 10
Core Values 10
4. Marketing 12
SWOT and critical success factors 12
Market Research 14
Distribution Channels 15
Strategic Alliances 15
E-commerce and technology 16
Tactical promotion plan 16
Marketing budget 16
Credibility and risk reduction 17
5. Team and Management Structure 17
Skills, Experience, Training and Retention 17
Advisor 22
Management Systems 23
6. Financial Budgets and forecasts 26
Profit and Loss Forecast 26
Cash Flow Forecast 29
Balance Sheet Forecast 33
Cash Expenditure 36
Payroll 37
Break-even Analysis 38

1. Summary

Winex Company is a wine merchant specializing in fine and rare wines. It was founded by Johammac Whine; a winemaker for 10 years who decided to build his own wine firm in 2010 and currently had 5 branches around Region III.

Our Main product is a wine java plum. It’s a healthy, delicious, affordable, and high quality beverage. We also develop new products related to java plum like Vinegar, Juices, Yogurt, and Dried Java Plum

Winex already had its 3 years of existence and reach the growth stage, in the next 3-5 years; we are expecting to reach the maturity stage.

Our Company is aiming to provide the highest quality wine to the millennial generation...
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