Sammuri Argumentative Essay

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Argumentative essay

Samurais were a vital part of Japanese culture and should have been allowed to continue. Although there were dangerous aspects of this tradition, it was also a large part of Japanese culture. As time passed, their existence had gradually lessened, resulting in their loss. Although the Samurai ways are no longer practiced, they have left a legacy that keeps on affecting the lives of people in Japan today. The traditions of the samurai still have an influence on the lives of the Japanese people. Whether it is through the martial arts, the peaceful arts, or their beliefs, the samurai continue to influence life to this day. The Samurai’s ethics are major in Japanese society as well as business; the idea of Bushido exists in society today as the Japanese business ethics illustrate honor and duty to Japan. To be a Samurai was a huge honor and it took an abundance of training and extensive hours of practice. Samurais had to be completely dedicated to their lifestyle; they repeated their schedule day after day: wake up in the Samurai village, meditation, hours of training, dinner, and sleep. Their routine was very rigorous however; it was compensated when they went into battle. Samurais were an elite group of warriors who were very skilled in battle and killing. Many may say that the Samurais were very violent and provocative group, however, the Samurais were always on the defensive. Though the entire movie, the Samurais never picked the fight, it was always the Americans- or in any case, it was never the Samurais who were picking the fights. The Samurais’ code of honor, Bushido, was much like a knights’ code of honor, chivalry; the only difference was “seppuku”. Seppuku was the traditional suicide after a battle was lost. The leader of the losing team was to commit suicide by carving a figure 8 into his abdomen because he shouldn’t live with the shame of losing a battle. If the man could not complete the figure 8, the leader of...
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