Sam Houston

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Essay on Sam Houston
HIST 1301
April 8, 2013
A Legendary Man
After reading the book “Sam Houston and the American Southwest”, I have learned Sam Houston’s life experience and his great contribution to the development of Texas. It is him to make the Texas became independent from Mexico and refuse to be withdrew from the federal government. He was a congressman, senator, governor, president of the Republic of Texas and a hero. From his stories, in my view, he is a legendary and controversial figure in American history.

First of all, under Sam Houston’s leadership, and thus Texas could become independent which separated itself from Mexico. There is no one can deny that Sam Houston’s good ability of communication, team building and conflict coordination. The fact in history indicated after two days the representatives signed the declaration of independence; Sam Houston was elected commander-in-chief of the military forces of the Texas Republic. Same Houston is a clever and resourceful man. Especially, the battle of San Jacinto was worth to be mentioned. After the Mexicans were completely defeated, Houston ordered the Texans to find Santa Anna in case he escaped, he could lead another army against Texas. Even though, many of Houston’s men wanted to kill the Mexican leader, Houston knew Santa Anna was more valuable alive than dead. Therefore, before Santa was returned home, he was ordered to sin an agreement recognizing the independence of Texas. And then, the newly independent Lone Star Republic elected Sam Houston its first president in 1836, not to mention that he began to build a government and appointed a cabinet. Moreover, his government established courts and a mail service, which strengthen the legal system and provide the community service. After two years as president of the Republic of Texas, Houston had secured the safety of the border, established the money system and gained recognition by the United States government. Since the congress...
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