Salutary Neglect: An Undocumented, British Policy

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  • Published : November 14, 2011
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Salutary Neglect is an undocumented, British policy that avoids the Navigation acts and it's meant to keep America colonies to only trade with Great Britain. This policy was created after Great Britain came to war with another country and required more soldiers in the fight. Therefore, the soldiers taking part of the Navigation Acts left to help be apart of the war. Since many of the British forces were fighting in the war, the colonies remained independent. Salutary Neglect also encouraged the American colonies politically to keep their freedom and independence from Great Britain. Since Great Britain wasn't "babysitting" America, the colonies started to break and not follow certain laws such as trading with other countries like Spain, Portugal, and France. America basically had to govern their colonies by themselves. For example, they even came up with their own legislative branch in certain colonies so that the rights of people would be protected. Also, after Salutary Neglect came into process, the American colonies created their own military situation that would defend for themselves if the Indians were to possibly attack them. All of these situations were occurring and America basically was their own country, which may of the colonists had already believed. After the French and Indian War, Great Britain asked for the colonies to pay for part of the expenses used up for the war. Consequently, the tensions between the American colonies and Great Britain had bagman. The American colonies failed to comply with Great Britain's policies and refused to take responsibility, and that was enough to start a war between them. Since the American colonies already had their own militia, they had the advantage against Great Britain and therefore, won the war against them. They were officially free from the guardianship of Great Britain. Because of Salutary Neglect, the American colonists' felt that they already gained independence from Great Britain and gained their freedom...
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