Sales Representative

Topics: Sales, Customer service, Consultative selling Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: November 30, 2011
What it takes to be a Good Sales Rep
I chose to write about what it means to be a good sales representative. I have always wanted a career in sales and am very good at it. Since I was 21 I have been involved in some type of sales career. The most interesting of all was being a sales representative for Roadshow Marketing and traveling to different parts of the United States. Of all of the places I have traveled, Atlanta was the coolest gift mart I attended. A sales representative can make a good amount of extra money if the time and energy is available to them. I feel that I am a very good sales representative and these are some of the things that I have researched and reviewed in my business. A sales representative is first and foremost characterized by knowledge of its customers. A good sales representative has good customer base and maintains good relationships with all of individual clients. Good sales agents visit their customers or call them regularly. They know their needs and they know how to answer them. Knowing its customers also means that your sales representative must know the purchasing pattern of their customers. What is the purchasing cycle who makes decisions along the way? These are a few questions that a good sales representative will know the answers to. Your sales representative must also know the product it represents. It can seem obvious but it has numerous consequences. It means that in order to sell technical products a sales representative must have a good technical education, good enough to understand its customers' questions and give clear answers. It also means that a sales representative can be good at selling one product but not good at another product. Some products require technical sales, some others require negotiation capabilities, others require understanding the emotions behind the purchase, and others require a constant presence on the field. Training a sales representative is crucial. Most companies do not give...
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