Sadie Hawkins Day and Valentine Grams

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By Felicia Jin ABC^2, Make-A-Wish and Chinese clubs sold Valentine grams and treats Feb. 9-13, bringing the “sweets to sweeties” and funding for good causes. The gifts were purchased during the week and distributed to classes today. ABC^2 (Academically Better Children’s Club) held a bake sale for the first time in the Main Hall and will be donating their proceeds to the St. Jude’s Hospital. “It’s hard to say how much money we’re trying to raise because it’s our first time, but we’re hoping for a goal of around $300,” said ABC^2 President Brandie To. The club sold store-bought muffins in the main hall to raise money that will go towards helping children in the St. Jude Children’s Hospital. They also took orders for Valentine grams, consisting of pre-made heart-shaped boxes full of “sweets for sweeties,” which were delivered today. “We were really surprised that a lot of people ordered valentine grams since other clubs are also selling grams,” revealed Brandie. Make-A-Wish Club, formerly the 180 Committee, also sold Valentine grams to raise money for a similar cause. The club sold teddy bears, donating half of their proceeds to the

Sweets for sweeties and money for charities

Senior Benny Trach , Shian Hong, and Leann Nguyen sell candy grams. Make-A-Wish Foundation and the other half to projects aimed at improving the school. “The Make-A-Wish Foundation helps children who are sick by helping them accomplish their wishes,” explains President Angela Wang. “The other half of the money will go towards fulfilling students’ wishes to improve our school. We are planning to have ballots for students to vote on school beautification projects, such as getting new benches for the freshman locker area.” The club sold various sized and colored teddy bears, a change from their previous years’ Valentine grams. In previous years, the 180 Committee sold fresh flowers during Valentines week. “Selling flowers didn’t make that much profit, so we’re trying teddy bears this year,” said Angela. Chinese Club, the original club that has been selling Valentine grams for 6 consecutive years, also sold teddy bears along with balloons, roses and small pails of chocolates. “The money that we raise from

Academy of Life students are “Stars for a Night”
Elton John and Kiki Dee. “It was the first time that students from Piedmont danced onstage. In previous years, we did a lot of backstage work like making the sets and decorations,” explains Ms. Casiano. After Piedmont’s performance, the other students from schools in the district performed their own dances and displayed their skills. With over 500 people, the L-Building was too small for the show. All the seats were filled and many spectators had to stand on the side. “The L-Building was too small. The room was packed. Maybe next year we can have two talent shows or maybe choose a bigger venue to accommodate for the capacity of the audience,” explains Special Education teacher Rowena Vocal. “We might need to pick a new location next year. I think we can also improve by shortening the length of the show to accommodate the number of students we have performing.” At the end of the show, head of Special Education programs in the district Jeff Rehrig ended the show with a final word. “It was a great show. We received a lot of emails from parents who said they enjoyed the show. You could tell that they were proud of their children regardless of their disabilities,” remarks Ms. Vocal. The Special Education department will also be holding another show next year. The show is meant for the students, who always seem to have a good time and benefit the most from all the practicing and performing. “It went pretty good. We have practiced for months and all our work was paid off,” says freshman Chris Karp.

the Gaila in April will go to World Children’s Fund, an organization that helps orphaned children around the world. So we are actually indirectly fundraising for charity,” explains President Shian Hong. With...
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