Sacred Planet

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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I have always been interested on documentaries about the environment. I have seen many films tackling about environmental conditions, laws, policies and alike. However, this particular documentary is unique. It’s so amusing that indigenous people are part of it and they seem to be like teachers who give the viewers a lesson about ancient beliefs on how nature and humans come as ONE.

As I am writing this piece, I have just finished watching an episode in “The Amazing Race Philippines” which gave me the idea how beautiful the places are in the Philippines like Boracay, Bicol, Palawan etc. This brought me back to this documentary film, Sacred Planet. In the film, the majestic creatures like giraffe, monkeys and birds give me a peaceful mind. The splendour of the oceans and mountains are so relieving to behold.

“Everything has a spirit.” This is one of the lines I got from the documentary. It’s like human spirit is related to the environmental spirit. This means that we live in harmony. So if a spirit is exhausted, it affects the other. Just like what we do with Mother Earth. If we abuse and degrade the environment, who else would suffer? No other than our other selves --- the creatures, the animals, the plants, our environment, ourselves. Humans and the environment co-exist, it’s a fact that we don’t often notice and pay much attention to. As the narrator says, “All life forms are interconnected. Each part is vital for the survival of the whole.”

In one tribe in Africa, a tribal person stated that without the spirit of nature, we cannot survive. I strongly agree with this statement. Humans may be the rational beings but nature is the most powerful supply that supports our living. We get everything from the environment. How we behave, how we think and how we see things in this world must always consider the environment where we live in. The tribe completely depends on it and so do we. Modern living is no different from ancient living because in the first...
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