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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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The Rwandan genocide was a terrible thing that went unnoticed in the public eye. This genocide erupted because of an ongoing feud between the Hutu and Tutsi people of Rwanda. What is said to have sparked the genocide is “when a surface-to-air missile shot his plane out of the sky over Rwanda's capital city of Kigali”. (Rwanda Genocide-A short History of the Rwanda Genocide). After this plane crash the Hutu extremists took over the government and blamed the Tutsus for the assassination and began the genocide. (RG-ASHORG).

The movie begins with a friendly atmosphere, one that doesn't give you the feel that a genocide is about to occur. The main character is taking care of his hotel and delivering gifts to upper ranks to get in good with them. A scene where he comes home to his family is very pleasant until the family dinner is interrupted by shouting. He goes outside to see what is happening right across the street. What he sees is the government brutally abusing his neighbors. He goes inside to lock his doors and tells his family that everything will be okay.

What is upsetting to the main character is that his wife is Tutsi and he is Hutu. He works with a supplier which is the leader of the genocide military which are Hutus. The main character decides to allow all the people to stay at his hotel. His family is almost evacuated but end up getting attacked and left there. Eventually, everyone leaves the hotel and reach safety behind Tutsi rebel lines. (“Hotel Rwanda, 2004).
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