Rules of Mariige During the 14th Century

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Romeo and Juliet Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 27, 2013
The Rules of Marriage During the Fourteenth Century
The rules of marriage during the fourteen century were really different to the rules of marriage today. The play Romeo and Juliet took place in the fourteenth century which meant that the marriage rules applied to them. . Obedience, blessings and Finances from both sets of parents were needed for someone to get married during the fourteenth century. During the fourteenth century the parents had to choose a husband for their daughter’s. Girls couldn’t choose their own husband. Romeo and Juliet wanted to get married but Juliet’s parents had to choose the husband for her and they chose County Paris. In the fourteenth century marriages were done by arrangement. Marriages were arranged for social, economic and political reasons. Women were not allowed to choose who they wanted to marry. However, sometimes men were able to choose their bride. Marriage was not based on love. Husbands and wives were generally strangers until they first met. If love was involved at all it came after the couple had been married. Even if love did not develop through marriage, the couple generally developed a friendship of some sort. The arrangement of marriage was done by the children's parents. In the fourteenth century children were married at a young age. Girls were as young as 12 when they married, and boys as young as 17. The arrangement of the marriage was based on monetary worth. The family of the girl who was to be married gives a dowry, or donation, to the boy she is to marry. The dowry goes with her at the time of the marriage and stays with the boy forever. But today couples marry each other because they actually love one another. They don’t do it because they have to; they do it because they want to. Also, a girl’s parents doesn’t choose their husband for her they choose their own. The rules of marriages during the fourteenth...
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