Rudyard Kipling

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The Legendary Life of Rudyard Kipling
Rudyard Kipling was one of the greatest writers of all time. He was a gifted writer and a huge celebrity, and has provided us with countless writings that will continue to be enjoyed by future generations. There are two perspectives when it comes to Kipling’s canonization; those that believe based solely on his writing abilities think he should be canonized, and those who saw him as an only an outspoken political figure do not. The questions surrounding his use of a swastika show him to be a possible Nazi sympathizer and curve his support of canonization. The purpose of this research paper is to provide the insight and the facts to support the stature of his writing abilities, and to prove that on the merit of his writing alone, he is a true literary canon. Despite his political incorrectness, he should be considered a talented and remarkable author based solely on his literary creativity. Kipling was born in December of 1965 in Bombay, British India; which is now known as Mumbai, India. He was an English poet, short story writer and novelist (Wikipedia). He was born to Lockwood and Alice Kipling, who were both highly respected people in their time. Kipling was in love with India and the people that inhabited it. Some of Kipling’s earliest and fondest memories are of him and his sister Alice’s trips to the bustling fruit market with their nanny, or her telling them Indian nursery rhymes and stories before their nap in the tropical afternoon heat. (Merriman) When he was six years old, he was torn from India and sent to a boarding house in England, where he experienced brutal and harsh treatment from his foster mother. He was regularly beaten by her and her son. This is where he began to develop his ability of imagining characters. He used this as a way to distance himself from the desolation that he endured. (BiographyChannel) He would spend his time hiding from his foster mother to read books and escape into their stories....
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