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Ruby Rosario
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Do want to learn how to play a note in the violin? Is it hard to play the note A in the violin? A violin is the hardest instrument and it is hard to play a tuned note. Nevertheless, Professional violinist have a secret to playing a tuned A in the violin. Here you will basic steps like in preparing the violin, hold a violin, and last play a tuned A in your violin.

To begin with, you will take out your violin. Something that everybody does is spreading rosin on your bow; (on the horse hair.) you will place the shoulder rest on the back of the violin. You will place the biggest part of the shoulder rest goes on the right bottom side of the back of your violin. The smallest side of the shoulder rest is going on the left top side of the back of the violin. Next, you will place your violin as if you are going to play, and rest you chin on the chinrest. Now you will get your bow and place the right pinky nest or on top of the screw, your ring and middle fingers on top of the frog. Then place your thumb on the other side of the frog, and last use the pointer finger and place it on the pad. Remember to hold your violin you always have to hold it up.

Further on it is important for a violinist to tune a violin. Now play string A with your bow and make sure the A-string is sounding tuned because, it is the main string, and without that string, you could not tune your violin that easily. Therefore, you will play strings A and E make sure E string sounds a bit higher than the string A. Now you will do the same with A and D strings but now the D string sounds lower than the A string. Last, you will do the same but this time instead of using a string, you will use D, and play it with G-string; in fact, G will always sound lower then D string.

Finally, we will learn to play a tuned A (note.) playing the A in the E string (third finger in E string) and the A string, and then you will make sure they sound the same because they are...
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